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image Dave meets up with the country music legend Willie Nelson in Clarksville, Arkansas, while both were "On the Road Again".
image Eddie Haskell was portrayed by actor Ken Osmond who has a son named Christian. Dave also has a son named Christian.
image Dave gave a copy of his song, "Eddie Haskell" to the star of TV's "Leave it to Beaver".
image Claire, Dave, Skippy and Bat Man
image (Photo by C.G. Drogmiller)
Skippy and Dave go buggy at one of their summer library shows.
image (Photo by C.G. Drogmiller)
Dave's hat is on backwards, too, but you can't tell.
image York, Lynn, Claire, Skippy and Dave
image Sacagawea, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark
image Dave with legends Jimmie Nelson, Farfel, and Danny O'Day. Nestle's makes the very best!
image America’s Got Talent winner Terry Fator graciously greets Lynn and Dave in his Las Vegas dressing room after a fantastic show at the Mirage.
image Lifestyles - Laughing and Learning
image Ventriloquist, dummies entertain at Arenac Eastern
image Phelps Library Program

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