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Using the Bible’s book of Isaiah 61: 1-4 as a foundation, Skippy and Dave share the stories of Paul and Barnabas, Paul and Silas, and Bergen and McCarthy. Using dialog, songs, and humorous misunderstandings we learn what can be done if we work together. Skippy is not sure he is “poplar” enough to share The Word in a meaningful way. Dave reassures Skippy that God has given him the gifts he needs to do what he is asking.

Geared for pre-school, through adults, this praise program includes the songs, “Go Ye Out”, “The Sing Praise/Mulberry Bush Song” as well as Dave’s original, “The Little Acorn”. There is audience involvement, learning and laughter as Skippy and Dave “branch out” to “leaf” you with ways that you can plant “Oaks of Righteousness” wherever you go.